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Catalog & Diorama Guide


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Catalog & Diorama Guide


Welcome to a catalog that is so much more than a mere display of our offerings. Think of it as your personal guidebook, painstakingly put together to accompany diorama enthusiasts, be they novices or experts, through every facet of their artistic journey. Whether you‘re keen on mastering the delicate intricacies of working with plaster parts, eager to harness the potential of 3D resin components, or looking to elevate your painting techniques to breathe life into your diorama scenes, this book has been crafted with you in mind. By the time you savor the words on the final page, we hope you‘ll be brimming with both the knowledge and the zeal to create dioramas that don‘t just depict scenes, but tell enthralling stories.



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We are featured with our Stalingrad series in the most recent edition of the Japanese Armour Modeling Magazine!!!

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Diorama "The first trial" / "Der erste Versuch" zeigt einen Hafenkai der Kriegsmarine an dem neuen Prototypen von Kleinkampfmittel erprobt werden. Neben diversen Prototypen hat die Hauptrolle der neue 12-Tonnen Kran und das Fabrikgebäude von RT-Diorama.

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