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In August of 2021, we welcomed MBK from Delmenhorst for a visit to our company. As part of this, a short video was produced that provides insight into our production processes as well as our range of services. We would like to cordially invite you to watch the video and convince yourself of the quality of our work.



Here you'll find interesting products



about diorama building in scale 1/35



Here you will find interesting products about in scale diorama 1/35.

   Our expertise lies in building dioramas in 1/35 scale, as we understand the needs of model builders and provide them with the best quality at affordable prices.


We make all diorama parts from high-quality model plaster, which has many benefits and positive properties. Plaster is a ground that is as absorbent as a real house wall. This allows it to be painted and weathered realistically with acrylic or enamel paint through glazing and dry brushing. This is the secret to the success of our dioramas and buildings, which are not made of industrially produced and water-resistant plastics, but of living building materials.

Working with the parts is uncomplicated with some practice. Sawing, drilling, sanding, carving, engraving, and gluing are all possible.

Our top priority is to offer you excellent quality. Smaller air bubbles or imperfections may not be completely avoidable during production. To ensure that your order arrives undamaged, we package our items extremely carefully. This way, you can start your model building project undisturbed and recommend us at any time.


For more information on painting our dioramas and buildings, please refer to our "Step-by-Step Painting Guide".